The Company

A Solution Driven Company

Blending material-science with simple machines, fusionbrands™ is at work discovering solid methods for making everyday tasking easier, faster and more pleasurable.

The StrAtegy

Do it different and do it often

Although cook is the current area of focus, work, live and play are not far behind. Look for fusionbrands™ to appear as the brand behind other brands in these areas.



Kraigh Stewart


Anna Stewart

The Team

The Collective

  • Product Development and Design- fusionbrands™, Atlanta, GA
  • Branding / Advertising / Communications- Gravytrain, NewYork, NY
  • US & International Distribution / Marketing- fusionbrands™, Atlanta, GA
  • Manufacturing- fusionbrands™, Atlanta, GA
  • Asset Strategies- Patents & More Inc., Atlanta, GA
  • Graphics / Web Design- Lightroom, Atlanta, GA
  • Photography- KB Photography, Inc., Atlanta, GA
  • Food Stylist- NM Style Design, Atlanta, GA
  • Special Thanks to Bart Brejcha, Mary Mackowski and Bob Cooley
  • US & International patents, trademarks, copyrights and registrations issued and pending.
fusion brands: The change of a substance from a liquid to a solid state, there by causing a branding effect in the gray matter